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How we work

Don't let your bins be an embarrassment. Give us a call now and we'll arrange to clean things up.

If you want someone to clean your bins for you, either as a one off or regularly, we can help. Using industry-standard tools and products we can quickly and effectively resolve the problem.

Pressure Washing Wheelie Bin


We aim to clean bins as soon as we can on or after collection day. We ask our customers not to use their bins again until after we've been, if at all possible. This allows us time to properly clean the bins to ensure that any dangerous bacteria or pests will have little reason to return.


Before we start cleaning we check your bin for rubbish. Any rubbish we remove is properly bagged and placed back into your bin after cleaning is finished. After the initial inspection, the bin is jet-washed, sanitised and rinsed, leaving your bin clean inside and out.

So whether you're a domestic or commercial customer, fill out our online enquiry form or call us on 07577 644 018 for competitive rates and clean, odour free bins.

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