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Car Parks

Is your car park dirty or slippery? JSC-Cardiff can clean your car park and help keep your reputation intact.

First impressions count and, whether we like it or not, the grounds at our place of work can speak to our customers before we get a chance to. Let us help you make sure that your car park doesn't take away from your business' image.

And where Car Parks is your business, this is just as important. Your customers will feel more secure in a well kept car park.

Our specialist cleaning equipment and methods will clean your car park with a minimum of fuss and great results.

We use flat-surface cleaners where possible to keep spray to a minimum, and can use high pressure steam to remove stubborn dirt and chewing gum.

Of course, some spray is inevitable, but all dirty water is rinsed down.

So if you're looking for car park cleaning in Cardiff, fill out our online enquiry form or call us on 07577 644 018 for competitive rates and a car park you can be proud of.

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