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Chewing Gum Removal

When chewing gum is thoughtlessly discarded onto your property it can be a real nuisance - for you and your customers. We can clean it up. 

It's bad enough that it's stuck to the ground outside, ruining the look of an otherwise clean surface. But loose pieces can be picked up on shoes and then walked onto carpeted areas. Let us help you clean it up.

We'll use the best methods available to ensure that every last piece is removed. We can remove chewing gum effectively from a variety of surfaces. Dirty, chewing gum riddled areas can be transformed into clean, smart, welcoming public spaces quickly and efficiently.

Of course, people being people, more chewing gum will eventually appear, so why not ask us about a regular cleaning program? We can periodically inspect and remove any new pieces of chewing gum to give your property a professional look all year round.

So if you're looking for chewing gum removal in Cardiff, fill out our online enquiry form or call us on 07577 644 018 for competitive rates and a gum-free property.

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